Until We Meet Again

Rest. Such a small word that sounds so simple, but I hardly remember it anymore. Once upon a time, weekends were spent in my sweatpants gnawing on a pen cap in front of a keyboard, wondering what to write, and what to cook for dinner. These are not insignificant questions, as I love to write, cook and eat! But there is hardly time for any of those things anymore.

This is not a complaint. My first book, If There Never Was a You, is doing exceptionally well, and I am grateful. I am enjoying the book tour. So far it has been local – I have yet to visit London, Paris, or even California, although I still dream that I will. Thus far the book tour has consisted of bookstores, libraries, and schools within driving distance. The locations are not exotic, but the people have been incredible. Wonderful parents, adorable children, and fabulous booksellers, teachers, and librarians that I am blessed to have met. I am so grateful for the support and kindness that I’ve been shown. So if you’ve bought a book, left an Amazon review, scheduled, attended, or organized an event on my behalf, thank you! It means more than I can say. To all of the children who made me feel like a celebrity, and the parents who graciously allowed me to chat with or take a picture with your adorable offspring, thank you! Spending time with you has made all of the behind the scenes sacrifices worthwhile. Alas, there is only so much time, never enough, and a full-time job alongside all of these fantastic visits has left me with little time to write. So I will take a break from the blog, and focus on enjoying the book tour, and spending time with my adorable offspring.

There is more book promotion and a short vacation with my kids in my imminent future, and I am looking forward to both! I also have some interviews and guest blog post features on the horizon, so I’ll be sure to add those to this site when they arrive. Please see the “works” page of my website for links to my interviews and guest posts.

I will continue to post to my Facebook author page and Instagram account, both linked at the bottom of this page. If you want to know when I’m back on the blog, sign up for my newsletter, and you will get an email next time I post something new. Until then, I hope to see you offline, at one of my events! If you want to know where I’ll be, go to my Facebook author page and click “events” and you’ll see the list.

If you enjoy my blog posts, I hope that you’ll go back and reread some of your favorites. My favorites are “My Tribe” (inspired by some awesome women that I’m thankful to know), “The Empty House” (inspired by a difficult time in my life that produced significant growth), “And the Oscar Goes to” (not a happy post, but I hope that it brings comfort to other parents of children with medical challenges – you are not alone!), and “The Faint of Heart Need Not Apply” (a post about the agony and ecstasy of a writer’s life).

All my best to you and the people that you love! I will think of you fondly until we meet again.



Some of my favorite moments from the book tour so far. More to come; I can’t wait!

Some of my favorite moments from the book tour so far. More to come; I can’t wait!

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