Highly Evolved Greed

I have always wanted more. When I was younger, I wanted more stuff: nicer clothes, a better car, a bigger house. I wanted more money, more vacations, and more social capital.

Over the years, my definition of wealth has changed; I no longer view wealth as the attainment of a large bank account balance and massive amounts of stuff. If I’m healthy, if my children are thriving, if I have good people to share my life with, and if my life has a purpose bigger than myself, I would consider myself rich, no matter what my bank statement said.

I still want more, but the things I want more of have changed. Now the things I want more of are time, purpose and meaningful relationships. I want more opportunities to help people, and I want a more generous spirit, so I take advantage of those opportunities. I want to be more of a blessing to more people.

I still want more vacations, but it’s not because I want to sit on a beach drinking pina coladas (although I’m not against doing that occasionally, especially if there is a good book involved). Now I want vacations because I want to see the wonders of nature that God has created and stand in awe of Him. I want to experience new cultures and learn from them. I want to get out of this United States mentality for a little while and remember that while this is a great country, it’s not the only country. I want to share these experiences with my children so that they will have a more global mindset. I want to teach them that life should be more about people and experiences than stuff and that the world is so much bigger than they ever imagined. I want us all to experience the fact that no matter how far from home we are or what part of the world we travel to, God is there; He is not limited to the five-mile radius of our daily lives.

I want more days to spend with the people that I love, and more moments of real intimacy – conversations about meaningful things when we let down our guards and admit our faults, failures, and fears, and we don’t berate each other but offer grace instead. I want more times when I stand still, look around and realize that I am where I belong and this was not an accident; this person didn’t cross my path by mistake. I want to feel that despite my shortcomings, this moment is exactly as it was meant to be.

The thing I want more of the most is the wisdom to know my purpose and the obedience to fulfill it. Because when my time comes to leave this earth, I will not be thinking about the shoes that I didn’t buy or the fancy car that I never drove. I will think about the talents, money and time that I had and I will ask myself, did I make the most of those things? Did others benefit because I had them? And I will regret every bit of them that I wasted.

Discussion questions:

How has what you want changed from what you used to want? Do you feel that you are you making the most of your talents, money and time?

Standing in awe in Hawley, Pennsylvania.

Standing in awe in Hawley, Pennsylvania.

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